Ultimate Athlete Program

KSTRENGTH’s Ultimate Athlete Program

The KSTRENGTH Ultimate Athlete Program encompasses all aspects of athletic development. The program is designed to train the central nervous system programming the body from the inside out. This improves strength, speed, power, body composition, flexibility, conditioning, as well as, decrease the likely hood of injury properly preparing athletes to perform their best in their prospective sport on a 3 month, bi-annual or annual basis.

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Included in the program are:

  • Comprehensive Evaluation including:  FREE !($80 value) Health history, body composition, Postural analysis, Muscle strength, balance and flexibility tests, 10 yard dash, 5-10-5 Pro Agility, vertical jump, penta-jump. The purpose of this evaluation is 3 fold:

*Gather a baseline of information

*Measure improvement over time

*Gather necessary information to identify the specific needs of each individual for proper     program design

  •  Personalized Progressive Strength Training Phases

Our system is based on progressive phases of training starting at the general preparation phase to correct muscular and postural imbalances. The program gradually progresses towards more intense, advanced and sport specific workouts as the athlete’s ability improves and the season approaches. To further break down each phase we undulate between intensity levels to cover a broader range of necessary physical qualities. By using this method of periodization every individual need has been addressed and peak performance is achieved!

  •  Progressive Speed, Agility and Power Training Phases:

The KSTRENGTH system of speed and agility development focuses on properly utilizing individual appropriate mechanical drills, plyometrics and muscle activation exercises in a sequential fashion designed to train the body’s nervous system from the inside out. Couple this with our system of focusing on the intricate details of athletic movement often overlooked by most coaches the K-Strength method will provide superior results in speed and athletic movement in record time.

  •  Trainer Assisted Advanced P.N.F. Stretching and Take Home Flexibility Program to address and improve poor flexibility and flexibility  imbalances that may impede performance and lead to injury
  •  Personalized Take Home Nutrition Guidelines based on individual goals and needs of gaining lean body mass and losing fat
  •  Supplement recommendations  to help achieve result as fast as possible
  •  Food Logs to monitor food and supplement intake to assure compliance
  •  Sports Specific Conditioning sessions that train the specific energy system utilized in your sport
  •  Monthly Monitoring and Reassessments to track progress and maximize results
  •  In Season Maintenance Programming to maintain performance, body composition and prevent injuries year round!
  • Daily Finishers to maximize results and endurance!

Three Package Choices Are Available:

  •  Ultimate Athlete Platinum: 16 Training sessions/month and our New Rogue Athlete Boot Camp:
  • 8 Strength Training Sessions
  • 4  Power/Speed/Agility/Conditioning Sessions
  • 4 Rogue Athlete Training Sessions
  • Ultimate Athlete Gold: 12 Training sessions/month:
  • 8 Strength Training Sessions
  • 4 Speed/Agility/Conditioning Sessions or Rogue
  • Ultimate Athlete Silver: 8 Training Sessions/month

Together these programs are designed to be as long as you are committed to your sport or goal. However, a minimum of  a 3 month commitment is required to facilitate the process of achieving your goal. Proper sport training is a lifestyle commitment and long term process for long term success!

*Three, Six and Twelve Month Programs Available

*All training sessions must be scheduled in advance

* Sessions cannot be transferred month to month

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Speed and Agility Training Package:

The speed, agility and conditioning package is for athletes looking to get faster, jump higher, improve change of direction and sports specific conditioning.

  • Up to 8 sessions per month
  • 1 Month or 3 month packages available

Rogue Athlete Boot Camps:

Extreme total body training sessions designed train all major muscle groups, improve strength, power, conditioning levels and body composition while pushing you to the limit of both physical and mental toughness! Sessions are 1 hour in length and include:

  • Dynamic warm-up and Flexibility
  • Constantly changing intense full body workouts using both weights, body weight and strongman equipment.
  • Cool Down Stretch
  • Up to 12 sessions per month or once weekly as an add on to our Ultimate Athlete Packages

KSTRENGTH Family Discount Plan:

Sign up 2 or more members of your family to any of our multi-month packages and receive $25 off each month of both family members’ packages.

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